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Quiet Powerhouse PC

Our Powerhouse PCs are one step down from our top tier of Quiet PCs, the ElitePCs. The Powerhouse PC is designed for budget-conscious, yet performance-minded customers. Each one is built with our top pick of high-end components. Every Powerhouse PC offers the best performance and silence, for the cost, without cutting corners. For most of our standard users, a Quiet Powerhouse PC is the way to get the best Quiet PC for the money, while still having room to expand or change parts in the future.

Experience top performance and true silence in our Quiet Powerhouse PCs.

Our Powerhouse PCs are quite high-performing PCs, but are based around the budget-minded Socket 1150. If you are looking for an even higher performance quiet PC running more PCIe bus lanes, check out the 2011v3 PCs in our QuietElite section, or check out our Quiet Server section.

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