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Silent CPU Cooling

We carry the quietest and most efficient CPU coolers ever made. Our quiet CPU coolers are designed with the use of highly heat conductive copper and a larger, efficiently designed, heatsink surface area to radiate heat far more effectively than standard heatsinks. These coolers move heat away from the CPU with ultimate efficiency, in order that they can be paired with slower spinning fans. Truly quiet CPU coolers include four outstanding characteristics:

  • Large (in some cases almost massive) heatsinks which can radiate more heat away from your CPU
  • The use of high efficiency copper either in the base or throughout the whole heatsink
  • Large fans which move more air in relation to how fast they spin
  • High quality craftmanship, including:
    • Smoother fan bearings
    • Efficient, smooth fan design
    • Solid, smooth, quality heatsink
    • In some cases, the inclusion of heatpipes to facilitate heat transfer

What Makes Quiet CPU Coolers Different?

Most standard CPU coolers use a cheaper aluminum heatsink with noisy, higher speed fans. The high-speed fans are required by standard coolers in order to move enough air past the aluminum heatsink to keep the CPU cool enough. In contrast to standard aluminum CPU coolers, the quiet CPU coolers we carry are made from more expensive, but much more conductive copper. Although copper is more expensive, it is essential in making a quiet CPU cooler. Copper is nearly twice as efficient at conducting heat than aluminum. It would be next to impossible to quietly cool today's higher speed, hotter CPUs without using copper in the design.

The more heat today's computer processors generate, the more efficient the CPU coolers must become in order to avoid using a noisier, higher and higher speed fan to cool them. All of the silent coolers we carry exceed this challenge: they not only keep your CPU cool, but the coolers themselves are extremely quiet. For more information about quieting your computer, visit our Computer Cooling page.

At Endpcnoise.com we endeavor to carry only CPU coolers that are the absolute top candidates for quiet cooling of your particular CPU. As such, we carry only the top of four brands of quiet CPU coolers: Zalman, Nexus, Scythe, and Thermalright. We have tested countless CPU coolers, but have found these CPU coolers to be the quietest available anywhere for their respective jobs.

Zalman Quiet CPU Coolers

Zalman heatsinks are truly a unique design. Their design is a true innovation in terms of increasing the heat dissipating surface area by using flat, thin, wide fins in order to incorporate a huge amount of surface area. These Zalman heatsinks also use copper both in their base and fins for increased heat conduction. Older Zalman flower coolers used an overhead fan, which blew air over the "flower" (shaped) cooler. Zalman's newer coolers, have taken the basic concept of the rolodex-like flower cooler and improved upon it with superior heat dissipation and a silent fan located in the middle of it. Zalman's newest CPU coolers, the 9700 series, are absolutely HUGE heatsinks with a quiet 110mm fan blowing out from the heatsink, as well as six copper heatpipes further radiating heat away from your CPU.

Zalman quiet CPU fans are incredibly efficient coolers (cool better than any other coolers). Due to their size, in some cases many Zalman coolers may have clearance issues and weight issues (requiring care to be taken when moving your computer). You can check out Zalman's website for the latest clearance and compatibility information. All of the fans used in Zalman's coolers run at the manufacturer's stated 18-20 decibels and, as such, are a truly quiet CPU cooling solution.

Nexus Quiet CPU Coolers

The second brand of quiet CPU coolers we carry are Nexus silent CPU coolers. Nexus makes quiet CPU coolers for most current CPUs, except the current AM2 Socket and Intel 1366. Nexus CPU coolers are extremely quiet, most of them measuring in at a true 19dB. These coolers are also easy to install and have virtually no clearance issues (they are compatible with virtually every motherboard and case). Nexus quiet CPU coolers use patented SkiveTek Technology to cool more efficiently.

Scythe Quiet CPU Coolers

Scythe has come out with a few really great quiet CPU coolers. The only downside to these coolers is that they are truly huge (in most cases the largest of all our coolers). The Scythe Coolers offer wide compatibility, great performance, good value, and replaceable fans.

Which Silent CPU Cooler Is Right For You?

We have quiet CPU coolers for virtually every CPU. Our quiet CPU coolers come in all sorts of varieties: from all copper, to copper and aluminum; from small coolers that will fit any setup to huge heatsinks which will generously cool your hottest CPU. See our CPU cooler comparision chart in order to determine which CPU cooler is right for you.


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