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Intel i7 Socket 1366 Stock Cooler

Steal of a deal! Sold for up to $59.95 elsewhere. In the process of building quiet computers, we end up with a lot of SURPLUS PARTS. These are new parts, but are surplus parts we couldn't use with our systems (usually because they weren't specialized quiet computer parts). If you are looking for a cooler for the Intel Stock Cooler DBX-B (Socket 1366), this is the cooler for you.

Reliable, high performance, advanced thermal solution - keep your CPU cool with the Intel DBX-B heat sink and fan!

This CPU cooler cools Core i7-900 Desktop Processors Series with a TDP (Thermal Design Power) rating of up to 130W. Simply remove the old heat sink, place the Intel DBX-B heat sink and fan on top of the CPU and lock it in place!

Intel DBX-B Socket 1366 Copper Base/Aluminum Heat Sink and Fan

Features Intel Socket 1366 Cooler

  • Intel Socket i7 (LGA1366)
  • Copper base
  • Not specifically designed to be quiet, but rated at a reasonable 20 dBA to 35 dBA
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • 4-inch transparent fan
  • Four (4) Copper heatpipes
  • DC 12V, 0.70A
  • Intel Core i7-900 Desktop Processor Extreme Edition Series  / Core i7-900 Desktop Processor Series Socket 1366 CPUs with 130W TDP rating  
  • Designed to support Core i7-980X Extreme Edition processors
  • Performance and Quiet mode switch
  • Tested to a 50x gravity shock force, equivalent to more than a 3 ft drop while integrated into a system
  • Idle CPU acoustics under 20 dBA at 800 RPM
  • Maximum acoustics under heavy load is below 35 dBA at 1800 RPM
  • Designed to exceed thermal requirements, enhancing overclocking performance, even while set to quiet mode operation
  • Performance mode provides maximum cooling for all out benchmarking and record setting attempts
  • Screw down retention with motherboard backplate
  • Braided and covered 4-pin power connector (9-inch cable length, approximate)

  • Regulatory Approvals
    • UL
    • CE
  • Notes
    • Model: DBX-B
    • P/N: E75476-002

  • Product Requirements:
    • Available 4-pin fan connector
    • Intel Core i7 Socket 1366 CPU
Intel Socket 1366 Extreme Stock Cooler - DBX-B

Price: $29.95