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High-End Quiet Power Supply


Nexus quiet power supplies are no longer available. As a replacement quiet power supply we recommend the Corsair AX860i Quiet Power Supply, or Corsair AX, HX, or RM series power supplies. These power supplies are the power supplies we use in our systems, and they are absolutely quiet at low loads (0 dB - no fans) and very quiet during heavy use, come with 7 and 5 year warranties, are highly reliable, and are gold or platinum efficiency rated.

Nexus 1100 Quiet PSU

The Nexus RX-1.1K 1100 watt quiet power supply provides stable and efficient power and true silence, which makes it among the quietest power supplies available, especially in the 1000 watt and above category. This 1100 watt quiet power supply is the perfect match of components and parts, to produce ultra-high efficiency, stability and silence in a truly quiet power supply. The Nexus RX-1.1K GOLD quiet psu received the 80PLUS GOLD certification with a typical efficiency of 90.8% and an average efficiency of 89.2%.

We are proud to offer this amazingly silent 1100 Watt ATX12V & EPS12V power supply to you: Nexus RX-1.1K GOLD 1100 Watt Quiet Power Supply.

Nexus RX-1.1K 1100 Watt PSU | Best Quiet Power Supply

RX-1.1K Quiet Power Supply Features

  • 1100 Watt true power quiet power supply
  • 88% efficiency; 80PLUS GOLD certified
  • nVidia SLI certified
  • Form Factor: ATX12V & EPS12V
  • Inaudible performance
  • Modular cables sleeved with X-mesh
  • Active PFC
  • Real Silent 13.5cm fan
  • Excellent airflow, honey-comb grill
  • Full range automatic; no voltage selection has to be set
  • Multiple safety features such as: overvoltage and short-circuit protection
  • Ball bearing fan
  • Complies to WEEE & RoHS
  • Version ATX 2.2
  • Size: 150 x 86 x 165mm / 5.9 x 3.4 x 6.5in

Stable, solid and versatile....

1100 Watt Quiet Power Supply

Energy Efficient

The Nexus RX-1.1K GOLD 1100 Watt quiet power supply is guaranteed to provide you with over 88% efficiency (see graph elsewhere on this page). This means the power supply is using the power it is drawing from the wall outlet more efficiently, and less electricity is wasted. Obviously this is better for the environment and it saves you on your electricity bill. A more efficient power supply also results in a cooler power supply. So less cooling is needed and Nexus is able to make this quiet power supply even quieter...even inaudible.

True Power Supply Silence

By carefully selecting each component, Nexus created the best possible of mix of components to make their power supplies as silent as possible. Nexus quiet power supplies are among the top quiet supplies in the market, when it comes to solid performance at the lowest possible noise level. When Nexus tests the noise level they do this in a ISO-certified noise chamber. The lowest background noise possible in an ISO-certified noise chamber is a little over 15 dB(A). These are the best possible conditions for these tests. What you need to ask yourself, when manufacturers claim dB(A) values near or lower than 15 dB(A) is: "How were they able to measure this?"

RX-1.1K Quiet Power Supply Noise Level

RX-1.1K Quiet Power Supply Efficiency

Quiet Minded Modular & Sleeved Cables

Messy Cables interfere too much with the airflow inside your PC. The modular cable design allows you to only connect the connectors you really need. Plus all cables are sleeved with a quality black and white X-mesh for a nice clean look.

Active PFC Circuit

Power Factor Correction (PFC) allows the power distribution system to operate at maximum efficiency. Active PFC is technically more complex than passive PFC and matches the overall high quality standard and reliability of Nexus power supplies.

Full Range Automatic

The RK-1.1K 1100 Quiet Power Supply can be used on 115VAC and 230VAC input power. Selection is automatically made no voltage selection has to be set. Just plug in and go.

Nexus Quiet Power Supply

Model No.
AC Input 115V/240V 15A/7.5A 47/63Hz
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
Max Output Current 24A 30A 83A 0.5A 4A
Max Combined Power 200W 996W 6W 20W
Total Power 1074.0W


1000 watt quiet power supply connectors



Price: $159.95