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Nexus 3 Speed Fan Cable

Nexus 3-Speed Fan Cable

The Nexus FSA-75 is an easy way to make your case fan even more silent. Place the FSA-75 between the fan connector and the case fan, choose one of the three available cables and the fan speed is adjusted therefore makes less noise.

With the FSA-75 fan controller the fan can be set to three different voltages. The voltages available on the FSA-75 are 5V, ± 7V and 12V.

The FSA-75 is very easy to install. Just plug one end in the to the fan power connector and one of the other ends to the fan itself.

With the case fan connected to a lower voltage, the fan speed will reduce, this results in less noise.

3-Speed Fan Controller Features

  • Manufacturer: Nexus
  • SKU: FSA-75
  • Three voltages to choose from 5V, ± 7V and 12V
  • Fan Controller
  • Reduces Noise
  • Easy to install

Price: $4.49

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