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3-Pin to 4-Pin Power Adapter

6 Inch 3-pin to 4-pin Pass-Through Adapter

The purpose of this pass-through adapter cable is to attach a 3-pin computer fan or 3-pin CPU cooler to the computer's 4-pin Molex power supply connector, while allowing the power supply connector the option of connecting another device with the second 4-in Molex connector.

To Power 3 Pin Fans

Converts 3 Pin Fans to 4 Pin Power...if you have a 3-pin fan (or CPU cooler) that you want to connect to a 4-pin power connector, this adapter will do the trick.

3-Pin Fan to 4-Pin Power Pass-Through Adapter Specifications
Product Name
  • 3-Pin Fan to 4-Pin Power Pass-Through Adapter Cable
  • Converts 4-pin Molex connector, to 3-inch Fan connector
  • Pass-Through Connector provides an additional 4-pin (male) power connector for additional device
  • 1 3-pin fan connector (male)
  • 1 4-pin power connector (female)
  • 1 4-pin power connector (male)
  • 6 Inches
Designed For
  • 3-Pin Case Fans and CPU Fans

Price: $2.49

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