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Quiet CPU Coolers

Most standard CPU coolers use a cheaper aluminum heatsink with noisy, higher speed fans. The high-speed fans are required by standard coolers, in order to move enough air past the aluminum heatsink to keep the CPU cool enough. In contrast to standard aluminum CPU coolers, the quiet CPU coolers we carry are made from more expensive, but much more conductive copper. Although copper is more expensive, it is essential in making a quiet CPU cooler. Copper is nearly twice as efficient at conducting heat than aluminum. It would be next to impossible to quietly cool today's higher speed, hotter CPUs without using copper in the design.

The more heat today's computer processors generate, the more efficient the CPU coolers must become in order to avoid using a noisier, higher and higher speed fan to cool them. All of the silent coolers we carry exceed this challenge: they not only keep your CPU cool, but the coolers themselves are extremely quiet.

Full line of CPU Coolers

We only offer a small selection of our quiet CPU coolers here on However, we still sell a full line of CPU coolers available for purchase through our Amazon store, and use only the very best CPU coolers available in our Quiet PCs.