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Smart Drive Classic Quiet Hard Drive Enclosure

Smart Drive Classic

Price: $139.95

The SmartDrive Classic is designed to dampen the vibration of your hard disk, while keeping it as cool as possible, in order to make it silent. The SmardDrive Classic can cool and silence hard drives up to 15k rpm, whiuch are by far the noisiest drives available.


  • Made in Japan
  • Support 3.5" ATA/SAS/SATA HDDs, including 10,000 and 15,000rpm HDDs
  • Protect HDD from dust
  • Lower HDD noise
  • Flagship high-performance hard drive silencer/cooler
  • Almost total elimination of noise from spindle and head servo
  • Compatible with all SATA 3.5" drives (even 15,000 rpm)
  • Simple installation/removal mechanism for 5.25" bay mounting
  • Future-proof: reusable for many years to come