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Digital Audio Workstation

Let yourself be heard, not your PC

Clean Digital Audio Studio Recordings

Our digital audio workstations (DAW PCs) are not only silent, they are designed specifically to exceed the demanding performance requirements of musicians and recording studio professionals. No noise in your DAW recordings

DAW PC Options

Digital audio workstation technology, previously out of reach to the home recording professional, is available at an affordable price with the 2U MusicMaker™ i5 Portable DAW Rackmount PC.

If your needs are more demanding, our MusicMaker™ i5 DAW Music Production PC provides the same professional quality construction, flexibility and performance, with added audio options.

The demanding audio professional will want to research our MusicMaker™ i7 Rackmount DAW Rackmount PC, or for absolutely uncompromising performance our TOP choice is our MusicMaker™ Dual Xeon E5 Rackmount Digital Audio Workstation.

All of our MusicMaker™ Digital Audio Workstation PCs maintain our dedication to silence, which is vital to audio productions.

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