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Smart Drive Neo Hard Drive Enclosure $139.95

No longer available.
  Price: $139.95


Home > Hard Drive Enclosures > Smart Drive Neo Hard Drive Enclosure
Smart Drive Neo Japan
Smart Drive Neo Quiet Hard Drive Enclosure
Smart Drive Neo - Close Up

Smart Drive NEO

The SMART DRIVE NEO is the leading hard drive silencing enclosure. The Smart Drive Neo is Grow Up Japan's (G.U.P.) latest improvement on their already proven Smart Drive silencing hard drive enclosure, offering substantial reduction in hard drive noise on both noisy and quiet hard drives.

Smart Drive NEO Hard Drive Enclosure

The Smart Drive Neo includes 1.6 mm noise-damping and noise-absorbing materials. The Neo includes specially designed springs which absorb noise and suspend the hard drive. Rounded gels prevent vibration generated from the hard drive. This cushioned gel is made from heat resistant material which provide high performance even at high temperatures.

Inside the Smart Drive, your hard drive is attached to heat conduction sheets which cool your hard drive. In order to prevent vibration, your hard drive is also mounted with the gels between the top cover and the NEO hard drive enclosure body.

Neo's Flexible Conducting Sheet

The flexible heat conducting sheet is simple to apply to any shape creating a closely attached contact. This design, new with the Smart Drive Neo, helps to release heat from your hard drive.

The unique flexible heat conducting sheet used in the Neo hard drive enclosure is difficult to find and is expensive, but was necessary in order to further improve performance in the SMART DRIVE NEO.

Ideally, a very heavy and thick plate would be used in order to silence hard drives. A 5mm thick plate would become much too heavy. Copper, which would be a suitable material to use, is much more expensive, and would result in a much more expensive product. A 1.6mm plate, that is three times thicker than a typical aluminum plate, was Grow Up Japan's solution for the Smart Drive Neo. This feature makes it possible to attain a highly effective sound-proofing effect.

Smart Drive Neo's Sound Absorbing Materials

The Smart Drive Neo has very thin materials on top of the cover (similar to a sheet of paper) which help absorb noise. These materials block the low frequency noise that comes from HDDs.

Micro Technology Screws

The screws in the top cover of the Smart Drive Neo are specially designed and created with micro technology in order to stay stable and reduce buzzing sounds.

Neo's Sealed Design

The Smart Drive Neo features a completely sealed box for your hard drive. The previous Smart Drive, the Smart Drive 2002, tucked the SATA cable between the top cover and the body part. The new Smart Drive NEO is designed to connect the cable outside of the box and thus achieve a greater sound-proofing effect. This feature also keeps water or dust away from your hard drives.

Sound Insulation and Vibration Absorption

Test results show that a heavy plate creates a greater sound-proofing effect. As a result, sound reduction and weight are very closely related.

Hard drives are vibrating continuously. The challenge with hard drive vibration isolation involves the hard drive contact point where the hard drive is typically screwed into your computer chassis.

This vibration resonates your PC's case and causes low frequency noise. The average PC, these days, is made with shoddy inexpensive materials. Most PC manufacturers make the front of case fancy without considering the inside or back of the case. In order to quiet your PC effective, it is important that the hard drive box be quiet.

Neo Reduces Hard Drive Temperatures

The chipsets on the back of the hard drive generate very high temperatures. It is important to radiate the heat from the hard drive when enclosing your hard drive in a hard drive enclosure. Hard drives frequently malfunction because of high heat. Higher temperatures drives have a high risk of failure.

It is ineffective to use fans as a cooling system for an enclosure intended to silence your HDD. With a little ingenuity, the SMART DRIVE achieved hard drive cooling naturally, without the use of fans.

The SMART DRIVE NEO is equipped with a heat conductive sheet which is applied directly to the hard drive. The heat produced by the hard circuit board during operation can damage your hard drive. This heat needs to be trasmitted to the conductive sheet, which quickly transfers the absorbed heat to a large radiating area, so that the heat is quickly dissipated. This conductive sheet should be very flexible because the hard drive must adhere completely to the conductive sheet in order to completely transfer heat.

Smart Drive Neo Heat Resistant Gels

Inside the Smart Drive Neo is a vibration control system which called SMART DAMPER. The Smart Damper uses springs to reduce the vibration from the hard drive, similar to a car suspension. Grow Up Japan paid meticulous attention to details of producing these springs, resulting in steady and effective hard drive vibration isolation.

The Smart Drive Neo includes heat resistant gels underneath the hard drive to support the SMART DAMPER. These gels help to isolate hard drive vibration. The gels are made of an extremely suitable material to use with higher temperature drives, because the materials are anti-heat degradation gels. You won't need to worry about melting or damaging the gels because of the high temperatures produced by your hard drive.

There is a huge differences between rubber material and the anti-heat degradation gels used in the Smart Drive Neo. Rubber is not a long lasting material. It gets brittle as time goes by. However, G.U.P.'s gels never change their shape, and have an almost everlasting life. Moreover, rubber materials have disadvantages at high temperature. The biggest weakness of rubber is its tendency to melt with high heat. Therefore, rubber products are not appropriate for use around hard drives (which generate extremely high heat).

Endothermic Effect

Mirrored surfaces reflect the heat and will not absorb the heat efficiently. On the other hand, black or dark materials absorb heat well. The SMART DRIVE NEO is finished by special sprayed coating on it, used to transfer the heat quickly and efficiently. G.U.P.'s test results show a reduction in heat of about 2 degrees from the hard drives in full operation. The black coating is not just for looks, it is an effective heat dissipation feature.

Smart Drive Neo's Subtle Features

The SMART DRIVE NEO contains many innovations that are not obvious at first glace. For example, the top cover controls resonance, the surface finishes radiate heat, and the screws are specially designed for even pressure. These subtle details are essential features for the absolute highest quality performance.

Product Name Material Weight Top Cover Vibration Deadening Sound absorbing materials Conduction
SMART DRIVE NEO Steel ( 1.6 mm ) 1,500g 1 layered plate Smart damper & absorber pad High efficiency material Conducting seals


Quantity: Price: $139.95
No longer available.


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