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Nexus Prominent R Quiet Computer Case

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Nexus Prominent R Quiet Computer Case $109.95

No longer available.
  Price: $109.95


Home > Quiet Computer Cases > Nexus Prominent R Quiet Computer Case

Nexus Prominent R

Nexus Prominent R Quiet Case

The Nexus Prominent R quiet case is a premium chassis for a silent computer. With its toolless installation features it is a breeze to install your components or change your set-up. The sleek professional look and materials make the case fit in setting. A black mesh front and top give the Prominent R a distinguished look. Nexus even included a SATA dock for easy file transfer to one of your internal drives. And, the all black interior is just great looking.

Nexus pre-installed their silent case fans in the Prominent R (these silent case fans are our top recommendation in quiet case fans here at Endpcnoise.com). One 120mm fan is fitted on the rear for air outtake and a 120mm is fitted in the front as air intake. Some isolating padding where the PSU is placed to prevent resonance. The Nexus Prominent R case features ventilation holes (and room for a fan) in the bottom of the case, as well as thick rubber feet which keep the Prominent R elevated from the floor to make a smooth airflow possible and eliminate resonance.

Nexus Prominent R SATA Dock

Nexus Prominent R Sata Dock

The Nexus Prominent R case includes a SATA dock on top of the case, which can be useful for easy file transfer. You no longer need to open your case to plug in a hard drive for file transfer.

Nexus Prominent R SATA Dock - Angle 2></div>

<h3>Prominent R Noise Absorption Material</h3>

<p>The Nexus Prominent R case is fitted with noise absorption material. It is a premium rubber-like material with great noise absorbing characteristics. 

<p><div align=Nexus Prominent R Case - Inside

Prominent R Toolless Installation

Practically all components can be mounted inside the case without tools. PCI-lots and Optical drives are fixed with toolless solutions.

Hard Drive Trays Include Vibration Absorbers

The Nexus Prominent R HDD trays are very convenient. You just need to squeeze the tray to be able to pull out the hard disk or place it back. All Prominent R HDD trays are fitted with rubber to reduce resonance and vibration. With the supplied screws you can also mount any 2.5" or SSD drive into the quiet hard drive trays.

Prominent R PSU Bumpers and Velcro Strap

Nexus has fixed some nice padding on the areas where the power supply normally would hit the chassis. They have attached some patches on the bottom and side of the case and a little frame around the PSU opening at the back of the case. These 'bumpers' are made of soft foam/rubber-like materials and absorb vibration caused by the PSU and prevents this resonance to be transmitted to the chassis. To create a better mounting there is a velcro strap to make sure the PSU is firmly installed.

Nexus Prominent R PSU Bumpers

Nexus Prominent R Case Highlights

  • Prominent R Case Size: 53(D) x 21.2(W) x 50.5(H)cm
  • ATX/M-ATX Case
  • Noise absorption materials
  • All Black interior
  • 2 Real silent 12cm fan pre-installed
  • Cable management
  • Water cooling possibility
  • Room for 4 additional fans (14/12cm)
  • 5.25 bays: 4 exposed
  • 3.5 bays: 1 external from 5.25 bay, 6 internal
  • Front ports: 2x USB2.0, 1x USB3.0, 1x E-Sata, 1x SataDock, 1x Mic, 1x Audio (AC'97 or HD)
  • Expansion slots: 8 slots

Prominent R SATA Dock - Angle 3
Prominent R Logo
nexus logo stamped in side panels
Prominent R Toolless PCI Locks
toolless PCI locks
Prominent R Rubber Feet
prominent r rubber feet
Prominent R Intake Fan
12cm silent intake front fan


Quantity: Price: $109.95
No longer available.


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