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Nexus LOW-7000 R2 Low-Profile Universal CPU Cooler

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Nexus LOW-7000 R2 Low-Profile Universal CPU Cooler $34.95

In Stock
  Price: $34.95


Home > Quiet CPU Fans AMD > Nexus LOW-7000 R2 Low-Profile Universal CPU Cooler

Nexus LOW-7000 R2

For Intel 1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD AM3/2

Nexus LOW-7000 CPU Cooler


The Nexus LOW-7000 r2 cooler combines some of the most advanced technologies in the market used for CPU coolers. Heat pipes, HOC- Technology, SkiveTek and ultra-thin fins combined with a real silent 12cm PWM controlled fan delivers ultimate performance which has never been this quiet before.

Nexus LOW coolers are crafted out of the purest aluminum and copper materials. The LOW-7000 heat sink covering the heat pipes and the copper base is made using SkiveTek technology. Nexus managed to apply the best technologies at the best position on the cooler. And the result is astonishing...

The 120mm fan is PWM controlled and the speed can vary between 500 and 2000 RPM creating a noise-output of an inaudible 15 dB(A) up till a still truly quiet 24 dB(A)

The LOW-7000 is an ideal cooler for your HTPC the ultra low, only 7cm high, cpu cooler with a silent 120mm fan.

Nexus LOW-7000 Features

  • Copper Base
  • 4 x 6mm Copper Heat Pipes
  • SkiveTek Heat Sink
  • Ultra-Thin Aluminum Fins
  • Socket 775/1366
  • PWM Controlled 120mm Fan
  • Only 7cm high
  • Perfect for HTPC's
Nexus FLC-3000 CPU Cooler


Nexus LOW-7000 CPU Cooler

LOW-7000 Cooler Specifications

Universal application
Heat pipe

Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366, AMD AM3/2
138 x 123 x 70.3mm
4.84 x 5.43 x 2.77in
Pure copper base
Pure copper heat pipe
Pure aluminum heat sink
  with SkiveTek-Technology
Pure aluminum fins
475gr x 16.8oz
4 heat pipes of 6 mm / 0.236 inch diameter
with HOC-Technology


LOW-7000 Fan Specifications

Fan size
Fan voltage
Fan function
Fan speed
Fan connector
Bearing Type
Noise level

120 x 120 x 20mm / 4.72 x 7.72 x 0.79in
PWM controlled by fan
500 to 2000 RPM (± 10%)
Sleeve Bearing
15 ~ 24 dB(A)*

Height Of The LOW-7000

View of the Nexus LOW-7000

Noise level test

When Nexus tests the noise level of their products, they do this in an ISO-certified chamber and according to a prescribed set-up. Measurement is done using a Brüel & Kjær microphone.

It is important to know that the background noise in an official noise test chamber is approximately 15 dB(A). These are the best possible conditions for these tests and hence you should always be aware when a manufacturer is claiming dB(A) values that are lower then 15 dB(A). Because how where they able to measure this? Nexus provide the real figures, from the actual tests. Can it get any more reliable? Judge for your self.

LOW-7000 Mounting Recommendation

Please follow these positioning instructions as much as possible when installing your LOW-7000 CPU cooler into a tower chassis PC Case. The correct positioning guarantees optimal performance of the heatpipes.

When installing the LOW-7000 in a desktop or horizontally oriented pc/htpc case (where the cooler will be positioned with the fan horizontally) you can choose any positioning method.

Quantity: Price: $34.95
In Stock


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