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HFX Hard Drive Mini Storage

Silent Hard Drive Solution

Quiet Western Digital Hard Drive

The HFX Mini Storage can support up to 4 standard hard drives and is connected to the main PC with SATA. The hard drives are passively cooled by the massive heatsinks and are embedded in a very thick rubber box to reduce hard drive noise to an absolute minimum. The HFX Mini Storage box is connected with the PC via a remote on-/off cable.

The HFX Mini Storage is a silent solution for cooling a larger number of hard drives. If your PC doesn't have the space for 4 silent hard drive enclosures, the HFX Mini Storage can enable you to silently host those hard drives without the noise created by other solutions.


  • Height: 2.36" (60mm)
  • Width: 16.92" (430mm)
  • Depth: 14.96" (380mm)
  • Weight starting at: 19lbs

HFX Mini Storage

Without any moving parts inside, the HFX micro is a clean solution without dust, and in addition energy saving and long-life reliable. The HFX micro is very easy to handle.

  • Massive heatsinks for silent cooling of hard drives
  • Supports 4 SATA hard drives
  • Internal fanless power supply

Price: $649.00

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