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120W DC-DC Mini-ITX DC Fanless Power Converter

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120W DC-DC Mini-ITX DC Fanless Power Converter $49.95

No longer available.
  Price: $49.95


Home > Quiet Power Supplies > 120W DC-DC Mini-ITX DC Fanless Power Converter

DC to DC Mini-ITX Power Coverter

120W DC-DC Power Converter

Compact design means less cables

The picoPSU-120 is the world's smallest snap-in 12V ATX DC to DC power supply. It is compatible with an entire range of mini-itx motherboards, as well as with regular boards, when used with an external 12V Power Supply.

This means it's perfect for anyone wishing to make a small quiet media center. The picoPSU-120 provides a cool, silent 120 Watts of power for small PC designs using a single 12V power source. By using patent pending HyperWatt™ technology, it can pack an impressive amount of power.

Works with External 12V Power Supply

Eliminate unnecessary wires by plugging the DC-DC converter directly into the motherboard ATX connector. Connect the DC converter to the External 12V Power Supply to power a computer. It was designed from the ground up to fit small form factor ATX boards; allowing enclosure designers to save space while not compromising power requirements. The DC-DC ATX converter is very small, measuring just 31x45x20mm, about the size of two AA batteries.

Small computer projects start with small power supplies. The DC-DC Converter is a key component that unleashes the ultimate power solution for almost any general purpose computing platforms. PicoPSU-120 is fully ATX compliant, making it perfect for any small, FANLESS, and QUIET power supply project.

120W DC-DC Power Converter For Mini-ITX Features:

  • Use for building an ultra-compact PC or slim server
    • Also 1U Rackmount server compatible
  • Fits any motherboard equipped with a 20 or 24pin ATX connector
  • 100% silent
    • A fanless design with no moving parts
    • No Fans means no noise, just power for your quiet PC
  • Operates at only 12V
    • Delivers 120W of power
  • Highly efficient design
    • It does not produce a lot of heat
    • Enough power for almost any CPU and a wide range of peripherals
  • Ideal for low power Intel Core Duo as well as all C3/C7 motherboards.
    • Also suitable for P3, P4, Pentium-M, Core Duo, and low power AMD processors


Quantity: Price: $49.95
No longer available.


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