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Zalman CNPS7000C-ALCU (7000C) Quiet Value CPU Cooler

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Zalman CNPS7000C-ALCU (7000C) Quiet Value CPU Cooler $24.95

No longer available.
  Price: $24.95


Home > Quiet CPU Fans AMD > Zalman CNPS7000C-ALCU (Zalman 7000C) Quiet Value CPU Cooler

Zalman CNPS7000C-ALCU

For Intel 775, AMD 754, 939, 940, AM2

Zalman CNPS7000C-ALCU

This extremely quiet and high-quality cooler, the CNPS7000C-ALCu, is a great value in the quiet CPU cooler market for older or lower end systems using Sockets 775, 754, 939, 940, or AM2.

The CNPS7000C-ALCU Zalman CPU Cooler was the upgrade to the Zalman 7000B-ALCU CPU Cooler. Zalman revolutionized the quiet CPU cooling market with their 7000 series coolers. The 7000C-ALCU comes with a Fanmate 2, and a high strength reinforced plastic backplate for use with select AMD CPUs.

Zalman took the basic concept of their flower cooler and improved upon it with the introduction of their 7000 series coolers. Zalman's 7000 series coolers all have far superior heat dissipation because of their numerous fins. They are similar in design to the flower coolers as it also has much of the look of a rolodex. But this "rolodex" is circular rather than in the shape of a "flower" with a silent fan located in the middle of it. The incorporation of a silent fan directly in the middle of 360 degrees of thin, rolodex-like fins allows for maximum heat dissipation.


CNPS7000C-ALCU Features

  1. The CNPS7000C-ALCU does not generate noise or vibration in Silent Mode
  2. Pure copper and pure aluminum base materials ensure excellent heat dissipation
  3. Compatible with single and dual core CPUs for Intel Socket 775 and AMD Socket AM2/754/939/940
  4. 92mm fan inside the heatsink maximizes airflow
  5. Adjustable fan speed controller Fan Mate 2 enables control of noise and fan performance


Zalman CNPS7000C-ALCU Compatibility

  Socket CPU CPU Compatibility
Intel 775 Core 2 Duo Supports all speeds
Pentium 4 Prescott Up to 540
Cedar Mills Up to 650
Celeron D Supports all speeds
AMD AM2 Athlon 64 FX Up to 53
Athlon 64 X2 Up to 5600+
Athlon 64 Supports all speeds
754 Sempron Supports all speeds
Athlon 64
939 Athlon 64 FX Up to 53
Athlon 64 X2 Up to 5600+
Athlon 64 Supports all speeds
940 Athlon 64 FX Up to 53



No motherboard components with a height greater than 39mm, as well as the PSU, disk drives, VGA cards, and RAM should be present within a 55mm radius from the center of the CPU.

CNPS7000C-ALCU Specifications

[ L x W x H ]
109 x 107 x 63mm
4.30 x 4.21 x 2.50″
Weight 430g or .95lbs
Base Material Pure Copper and Pure Aluminum
Dissipation Area 2,890 cm2
Bearing Type 2-Ball Bearing
Speed1 1,350RPM ± 10% ~ 2,400RPM ± 10%
Noise Level2 17.0dBA ± 10% ~ 24.0dBA ± 10%


(1) The fan operates at 2,650RPM (27.5dBA ± 10%) if directly connected to the motherboard's power connector without the use of Zalman Fan Mate 2 Variable Speed Fan Controller.

(2) Measured a distance of 1 meter from source.

Fan Mate 2 Speed Controller

Dimensions 70 x 26 x 26mm (L x W x H)
Weight 20g
Output Voltage 5V ~ 11V ± 2%
Allowable Power 6W or lower
Connector Type 3-Pin


Zalman CNPS7000C-ALCU Components

  • Common Components
    • Cooler (CNPS7000C-ALCU)
    • Thermal Grease
    • Clip A
    • Installation Bolt x 4
    • Clip B
    • Clip Lever
    • Fan Speed Controller (Fan Mate 2)
    • Cable for Fan Mate 2
    • Double-sided tape (for Fan Mate 2)
    • User's Manual
  • Components for Intel Socket 775
    • Clip Support for Socket 775
    • Backplate for Socket 775
    • Clip support fixing bolt x 4
  • Components for AMD Socket AM2+/AM2/754/939/940
    • No Additional Components


Please Keep In Mind When Building A Noiseless Computer

Zalman affixes a Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) mark to all components used for noiseless computers.


Cautionary Notes

1 The computer system may automatically shut down when booting the computer after the system monitoring program outputs a warning stating that the CPU fan is rotating slowly. In such event, fully turn the Speed Control Knob in the clockwise direction before rebooting to disable the 'CPU Fan Detected' option in BIOS, or set the CPU fan's rotational speed to 1,350RPM or lower in the system monitoring program.

Note: Some motherboards fail to boot if the rotational speed of the CPU fan is below a certain RPM. However, booting can be possible even at low fan RPM if the BIOS settings are updated. For more information on updating the BIOS, please refer to the website of the motherboard's manufacturer. There are motherboards which fail to detect the RPM while operating the cooler in Silent Mode, but this does not affect the computing performance.

2 Excessive force exerted on the fan may damage the fan, resulting in damage to the system.

3 Zalman Tech Co., LTD. or Cool Tech PC, Inc. (dba EndPcNoise.com) is not responsible for damages resulting from CPU Overclocking.


Quantity: Price: $24.95
No longer available.



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