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70mm AcoustiFan DustProof Quiet Case Fan

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70mm AcoustiFan DustProof Quiet Case Fan $21.95

No longer available.
  Price: $21.95


Home > Quiet Case Fans > 70mm AcoustiFan DustProof Quiet Case Fan

Acoustifan Dustproof 70mm

AcoustiFan DustPROOF™ 70mm Quiet Fan

This 70mm quiet case fan by AcoustiProducts™ ( AFDP-7025B ) is 70 x 70 x 25 mm thick and offers true silence and dust resistance along with long life and 3 fan speed choices.

Acoustiproducts is now producing a new range of premium quality, ultra-quiet dust-tolerant multi-application cooling fans for PCs. These fans have been designed to be quiet and stay quiet! They also come with a 3-speed fan cable accessory providing a choice of 3 speeds & 4-pin connectivity. No harmful dust ingress means that dust stays out of the motor, bearings and fan circuitry to help keep the fan quiet, cool and prolong it's lifetime. Plus added bonus - 4 FREE Ultra Soft Fan Mounts.

Each AcoustiFan DustPROOF™ fan is supplied with 4x FREE ultra soft fan mounts, 1x triple-speed fan cable,4 x tie wraps, and 4 x fan mounting screws.

DustPROOF Series Technical Specifications

Acoustiproducts is committed to publishing accurate and truthful noise level data - taken directly from acoustic testing reports to recognised International Test Standards. At 1m distance in the average home/office environment noise levels below 10dBA will be difficult to discern above normal background noise levels.

70mm Acoustifan DustPROOF Series Specifications
Product Code (AFDP - )
Fan Dimensions mm
Fan Start at 5V DC
Connector Type
3-pin (from motherboard), OR 4-pin (from PSU)
using 3-Speed Fan Cable
Life Expectancy (at 25°C)
60,000hrs (6.85yrs)
Included Accessories
3-Speed Fan Cable, 4 x Tie Wraps & 4 x Screws
Full Speed (12VDC)
Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10%
Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA
Fan Speed RPM** ±10%
Medium Speed (approx. 7.5VDC)
Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10%
Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA
Fan Speed RPM** ±10%
Low Speed (5VDC)
Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10%
Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA
Fan Speed RPM** ±10%
Fan Housing Material
Black Glass Filled PBT
Fan Weight g
Packaged Weight g
Connector Wire Length
40cm ±10%
Operating Temperature Range
(-)10 - (+)70°C
Motor Bearing Type
Double Ball Bearing
Operational Voltage
5 - 12 VDC
Rated Current A (at 12VDC)
Rated Power W (at 12VDC)
Fan Safety Approval
CE (Electromagnetic Compatibility
EN 6100-6-3 & 6100-6-1:2001)
Motor Protection
Polarity Protection
Locked Rotor Protection
Auto Restart***


  1. * Where noise levels have been measured & calculated @1m distance below 10dBA we have quoted <10dBA. Very low noise levels, are taken at 0.3m distance and extrapolated to 1m, so that recorded levels are significantly above test chamber background noise levels.
  2. ** The quoted RPM for an individual fan may vary slightly by as much as 10% (figures shown are averages from multiple tests). A variation in RPM at a given voltage will result in a change in airflow and noise levels.
  3. *** Auto-restart is a safety feature build into the fan's PCB that automatically restarts the fan after the release of a constraint that has prevented the blades from spinning.


Quantity: Price: $21.95
No longer available.



ON SALE- Reg $49- AcoustiPack ULTIMATE PC Soundproofing Kit

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