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Welcome to Endpcnoise.com! We feature the quietest and most powerful Quiet and Fanless PCs. We also offer the best in quiet PC products. If you have a noisy PC, we have a solution.

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"These folks are nothing short of PERSISTENT in working with picky customers to provide systems and components they specify. Unlike big PC vendors, they are willing to listen to your requirements and work steadily toward a good solution. I have dealt with them for years, and never been disappointed with their service."

Fanless PC

Full Power | Real Options | No Noise

If you wish to go beyond a truly quiet PC, and experience a truly powerful, fully-functioning PC with absolutely NO NOISE, then check out our Fanless PC section.

NEW Featuring our first Vesa Mountable Fanless NUC. This tiny PC (1.8" x 7.3" x 6") is perfect for Office work, Kiosk applications, HD music and movies, multiple monitors, and more, all without making a sound.

We also have a multitude of fanless heatpipe/radiator designs with every configuration you could dream of - from the powerful Monster PC, to the Fanless Home NAS Server, to the Fanless Slim Desktop PC or HTPC.

And, we feature several budget-minded Fanless PC designs centered around NoFan cases and CPU coolers.

DAW | Digital Audio Workstation

Our rackmount digital audio workstations now feature two options for the chassis - one rackmount option and one tower option. We have four separate DAW base designs, fitting all levels of recording needs from the home studio, to professional multi-tracking, to portable on-stage live recording.

Each Digital Audio Workstation also features Motu's fantastic and extremely expandable line of PCIe based professional sound devices, as well as Thunderbolt and/or Firewire options for audio peripherals.

Elite Performance Quiet PCs

We build top-of-line quiet PCs, on the cutting-edge for performance, compared to any PC available. Or, if you are more budget-oriented, you can still experience performance and maintain a truly quiet environment with our wide variety of Quiet PCs.

The Dual Socket 2011 Extreme PC is a great example of true performance and true silence. If you need pure data crunching ability, without the noise, the Dual Socket 2011 Extreme PC is just the quiet workhorse you need. This QuietElite™ features TWO (2) Six to Fourteen core Intel Xeon CPUs (for a total of up to 28 cores!) and up to a whopping 256GB of DDR4 ECC memory on a server class motherboard. Whether you are running virtual PCs, have a multitude of windows open, or just need the biggest, most powerful quiet PC you can get, the Elite Extreme Dual Socket 2011 (Xeon) PC will have your back for years to come.

"I now consider this Endpcnoise computer the greatest machine I've ever owned," John Dvorak in PC Magazine.
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The SPCR Extreme Gamer 22dBA Quiet PC
  • Featuring the very best PC components for the ultimate gaming system
  • Engineered to deliver only 22 dBA, eliminating virtually all noise
  • Quiet cooling of all PC components under a wide range of conditions